Swedish artist Thommy Eriksson created eight pieces of fine art for use in the book "The X-15 Rocket Plane, Flying the First Wings into Space." This art is now available in high-quality prints to those who love the X-15. His work represents something never before seen by depicting the X-15 in ways which no artist has ever truly been able to capture. His photo-realistic compositions show the X-15 in-flight, outside the atmosphere, during reentry, and even what it would have looked like if the delta wing program had occurred. I hope you'll see his art as I did when I first asked him to participate in the book project many years ago.

Art Print Sizes and Pricing:

8x10 inches: $15.00, S&H (1-3) $5.00, S&H (4-8) $7.50

11x14 inches: $30.00, S&H (1-3) $8.00, S&H (4-8) $12.00

16x20 inches: $50.00, S&H (1-3) $10.00, S&H (4-8) $15.00

20x24 inches: $60.00, S&H (1-3) $12.00, S&H (4-8) $20.00

All prints shipped rolled in sturdy packaging. Mounting services available upon request. Note that quantities for shipping do not require all prints be of the same design. Order by Print number or Title.


Payments for Patches and Art Prints:

Purchases may be paid via check or with PayPal in USD

PayPal — Pay to: mach25@sbcglobal.net

Check — Mail to:

Michelle Evans, 25671 Le Parc, Unit 89, Lake Forest, CA 92630

At left is a photograph of the X-15 patch designed by author Michelle Evans. It measures 6-inches high by 4-inches wide. A limited number of these patches are being made available.

Patches are $6.00 each

Shipping and Handling

(1-3 patches): $3.00

(4-10 patches): $5.00

X-15 Program Patch

Print 1: Rocketing Into Space.

Print 2: Attitude Adjustment.

Print 3: Zero-G Mission.

Print 4: Joe Walker Returns From Space.

Print 5: More Power for the X-15

Print 6: Unrealized Potential — The X-15 Delta Wing

Print 7: Three View of Standard X-15.

Print 8: Three View of Advanced X-15A-2.