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17 Dec. 2016 Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA (13:00)

12 Jun. 2016 Spacefest VII, Tucson, AZ (10:30)

10 Jun. 2016 Spacefest VII, Tucson, AZ (13:30)

17 May 2016 AIAA-Atlanta, Marietta, GA (19:30)

29 Apr. 2016 University of Minnesota/AIAA, Minneapolis, MN (17:00)

25 Mar. 2016 Aero-Space Club, Laguna Woods, CA (12:30)

4 Feb. 2016 Florida Institute of Technology/AIAA, Melbourne, FL (18:30)

25 Jan. 2016 Irvine Valley College Alumni Association, Irvine, CA (18:00)

13 Jan. 2016 North American/Rockwell Engineers, Los Angeles, CA (12:30)

6 Nov. 2015 AIAA Las Vegas, Henderson, NV (18:00)

5 Nov. 2015 University of Nevada (UNLV), Las Vegas, NV (14:30)

12 Oct. 2015 Men's Club St. Jude, Westlake Village, CA (19:00)

29 Aug. 2015 OASIS, National Space Society, Inglewood, CA (15:30)

1 Aug. 2015 Cypress Public Library, Cypress CA (14:30)

18 Jun. 2015 AIAA Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA (19:30)

14 May 2015 Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest, CA (19:30)

13 May 2015 Historical Society of the Upper Mojave, Ridgecrest, CA (19:00)

20 Feb. 2015 Red Barons, Torrance, CA (13:00)

31 Jan. 2015 Katie Wheeler Library, Irvine, CA (14:00)

18 Oct. 2014 Western Museum of Flight, Torrance, CA (11:00)

12 Oct. 2014 Beatty Museum, Beatty, NV (15:00)

11 Oct. 2014 Central Nevada Museum, Tonopah, NV (15:00)

3 Oct. 2014 Orange County Astronomers, Orange, CA (19:30)

13 Sep. 2014 Tustin Public Library, Tustin, CA (14:00)

12 Jun. 2014 Association of Naval Aviation, Garden Grove, CA (11:00)

21 May 2014 AIAA San Francisco, Mountain View, CA (19:30)

18 May 2014 Opera House, Randsburg, CA (15:00)

18 May 2014 Michael Adams Memorial Re-Dedication (11:00)

17 May 2014 AIAA China Lake, Ridgecrest, CA (18:30)

10 May 2014 Spacefest VI, Pasadena, CA (Outward Odyssey Panel) (14:00)

9 May 2014 Spacefest VI, Pasadena, CA (14:00)

26 Apr. 2014 Columbia Memorial Space Center, Downey, CA (13:00)

8 Apr. 2014 Vernon P. Saxon Aerospace Museum, Boron, CA (12:00)

15 Mar. 2014 Experimental Aircraft Association, Compton, CA (09:30)

13 Mar. 2014 AIAA Antelope Valley, Lancaster, CA (18:00)

13 Mar. 2014 Scaled Composites, Mojave, CA (11:30)

25 Jan. 2014 Rancho Santa Margarita Library, RSM, CA (15:00)

21 Jan. 2014 Fullerton Airport Pilots Association, Fullerton, CA (19:45)

18 Nov. 2013 Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA (19:30)

22 Oct. 2013 AIAA, Orange County, Huntington Beach, CA (18:30)

6 Oct. 2013 Weisbrod Air Museum, Pueblo, CO (14:00)

Program Synopsis


With the Soviet Union’s launch

Ms. Evans’ presentation focuses on

Beyond the X-15 are the

In her research, Ms. Evans

Author Biography


Michelle Evans is the founder

Michelle's background in aerospace engineering

Her current work with Mach

Michelle is excited about the

Comments from people who have seen the X-15 presentation

“Your lecture was wonderful! You really know your stuff and I am very impressed as were many people. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us.”

—Lisa, Griffith Observatory

“I really enjoyed your presentation and getting to meet you. It was a fantastic evening and you had me and the rest of the audience enthralled in your stories.”

—Stephanie, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) San Francisco

"It was an enthusiastic group and one of the larger turnouts we've had for a speaker in a while."

—Jeff, AIAA China Lake

"Both Michelle Evans' book and presentation bring to life an often overlooked yet dynamic and exciting moment in history. By making complex technology clearly understandable and telling the story through the lives of intriguing personalities at the heart of the action, I felt like I was there."

—Francis French, San Diego Air & Space Museum

“It was terrific; we really enjoyed it.”

—Jerry, AIAA Orange County

“Your talk was so entertaining. Thank you for sharing it with us!”

—Jenny, Rancho Santa Margarita Library

“Thank you again for attending and giving a great presentation.”

—Eric, AIAA San Francisco

“Great job today.  Kept everyone's interest.”

—Tim, Association of Naval Aviation

“Thanks so much for taking the time to come and speak to our section. It was a very fun and interesting talk.”

—Watson, AIAA San Francisco

“Thank you again for the marvelous talk. What a fascinating period of history.”

—Laura, Griffith Observatory

"Your talk did live up to our expectations.  I think the audience appreciated it very much.  I know I did.”

—Jim, AIAA Orange County

Preparing to start a presentation.

“Thanks for your participation. You make us look good!”

—Kim, Spacefest

"Attendees came away with an appreciation of what might have been a more incremental route to space, as well as the people who made it happen.”

—Seth, AIAA Los Angeles, National Space Society Ambassador

“I learned more about the X-15 in an hour than most people learn in a lifetime!”

—Marty, AIAA Las Vegas

The "Outward Odyssey" Team

Authors from the series: "Outward Odyssey: A People's History of Spaceflight" at Spacefest VI on 10 May 2014

(L-R) Rob Taylor, University of Nebraska Press. Jay Gallentine, "Ambassadors from Earth." Michelle Evans, "The X-15 Rocket Plane." Francis French, "Into That Silent Sea" and "In the Shadow of the Moon." Amy Shira Teitel. Robert Pearlman and Geoffrey Bowman, "Footprints in the Dust." David Hitt, "Homesteading Space." Heather Smith "Bold They Rise" (written with David Hitt). Rick Houston, "Wheels Stop."

Not shown from Outward Odyssey are Colin Burgess (Series Editor and author), Chris Gainor, "To A Distant Day." Chris Dubbs, "Realizing Tomorrow."